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Port Huron, MI

The Blue Water Bridge is an international crossing between the United States of America and the nation of Canada. Upon entering either country you will be stopped and questioned prior to entry into that country. Each person in your vehicle must be able to prove their citizenship.

Beginning June 1, 2009, U.S. Citizens returning home from Canada by land or sea, will be required to present one of the following travel documents: U.S. Passport, U.S. Passport Card, Enhanced Driver’s License, Trusted Traveler Program Card. Children under the age of 16 must present an original or copy of birth certificate. If they are someone else’s child, a letter of authorization from the parent or legal guardian is required.  For details on border crossing documents:
The Blue Water Bridge is a major international crossing over the St. Clair River at the southern end of Lake Huron.  It is located between Port Huron, Michigan and Point Edward, Ontario connecting both Interstate 94 and Interstate 69 with Highway 402.  It consists of two unique spans.  The original span opened in 1938 and renovated in 1999 as a three-lane westbound bridge.  The second span, which carries three lanes of eastbound traffic, in an impressive modern bridge opened in 1997.  State-of-the-art facilities make the Blue Water Bridge crossing one of the smoothest and most modern crossings in the world.  

On average, 5,120,007 cars, trucks and buses cross the twins spans annually, the equate to 14,027 vehicles per day.  

Details and History of the Blue Water Bridge

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