Port Sanilac Lighthouse  Waterfront
Lake Street Port Sanliac, MI 48469

The Port Sanilac Lighthouse was established in 1886 and its guiding light has been operational ever since.

The lighthouse has recently been restored and in 2017 opened for public tours!

Tours: 11am-2pm, Fridays

Admission: $5 for adults; children under 12 are free 
Children need to be at least 36 inches tall and all visitors must wear proper shoes. Flip-flops and other loose shoes are not permitted for safety reasons.

The Lighthouse is constructed with white brick, has a red roof and has a foundation of dressed stone and timber. It towers over 59 feet high and is octagonal in shape.

Privately owned and operated, the Port Sanilac Lighthouse is not open to public tours. However, exterior views are available from the grounds.

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TOLL FREE: 800-852-4242  LOCAL: 810-987-8687

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